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Current Club Announcements

  • The December club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 3 at 7:00 PM at Hobbytown in Frederick. We'll be talking about batteries and how to use battery chargers. Jim Coulombe will present a brief bit on types battery chemistries and then several others will bring their battery chargers to show the various types of chargers and help members program their own chargers and discuss does and doníts of battery safety. Future meeting topics might be programing radios, using covering materials, etc. We want to help the less technically inclined among us to get more out of the club.

  • At the October meeting, we managed to have a quorum, add 1 new member, hold elections, and revise the club Bylaws. The revision to the bylaws has been posted on the website, and now allows us to consider the members present at a meeting as a quorum under specific conditions. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Brad Davy.

  • The mowing schedule has been updated with recommended mowing dates for 2014. If you have time and want to mow, sign up! Its a labor of love, and if everyone does it once or twice a year, we easily cover the entire season. Let us know if the gas is low. If you're unsure of the mower, contact Brad and we'll show you the ropes.

  • Anyone interested in purchasing new shirts with the embroidered club logo should visit Sewbusy.com for pricing and ordering information.

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The purpose of this organization is to promote the building and safe operation of model aircraft and to promote acceptance and good will toward this sport/hobby through educational involvement in the community.

In other words, if it ain't posted, we're flying!
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